February 2000

These days, my son Brian and I occasionally rollerblade to the neighborhood park together. He's much better at it than I am though and typically does circles around me as he zooms ahead and back again. My older son, Alex, tells me I simply need better rollerblades so that I can skate faster. He's probably right. But right now I like the speed these older blades offer me -- a speed which allows me to skate with Brian and yet gives him a decided advantage. Besides, if I were to purchase better, faster blades, I wouldn't have a single good excuse left for my slowness!

I love this picture. I love spending time with my sweet son these days too. What a joy he's been in my life during all of the ups and downs that uterine fibroids brought my way. I'm so glad that I can finally be a "real mom" to him now -- one that has the time and energy to focus on him and his needs as he's growing up.

By the way, did you notice the white pants? No more black and dark blue for me, thank you very much! I no longer have a need to worry about random blood hemorrhaging destroying my clothes and embarrassing me in the process. Yahoo for the little things that make each element of my "Quality of Life" that much better!

December 1999


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